Member, Provider & Broker Support

STARTEK Health offers licensed and non-licensed enrollment and population health management services and support for your members, providers and brokers aimed at reducing costs and at the same time managing and maintaining loyal members and providers.

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Provider Support Services

STARTEK Health solutions for providers are designed to improve efficiencies in clinical outcomes through process optimization. We work with you to improve and streamline your processes and to help share the burden of patient needs and their ongoing care through lifestyle, disease and case management.

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Technical & Customer Support

STARTEK Health’s technical support specialists will become experts in the use, installation, maintenance, and repair of your device. We also offer remote patient monitoring, sales and supply chain support and payer/provider coordination all designed to be a seamless extension of your current workforce.

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Pharmaceutical Support Services

STARTEK Health offers a wide range of services all designed to transform your operations, increase customer service excellence and help you manage your sales processes and data. From pharmacy benefits management, provider and payer coordination, verification and enrollment calls we can help you transform your customer service.

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Helping our clients by improving their customers' experiences, efficiencies and outcomes in Healthcare.


We have a team of healthcare professionals, clinical specialists, customer care and technical support professionals ready to assist you. Our ability to continuously improve all starts with engaged employees. These engaged and empowered employees are the fabric of a service culture. STARTEK invests in this concept in all of our locations through the quality of our facilities, local community engagement and the facilitation of social groups inside and outside billable hours with the goal to genuinely enrich our employees' lives.


We have over 27 years of experience providing customer service support for some of the world’s largest companies. As health care trends change and more services are provided on an outpatient basis it is imperative that patients have ready access to healthcare professionals. We have over 10 years experience providing patients 24 hour/7 day access to an experienced registered nurse to alleviate patient anxiety while ensuring access to appropriate care. Our management team has provided lifestyle coaching and chronic care management programs with both licensed and non-licensed teams over the years to the payer, provider and pharmaceutical communities throughout the U.S., Canada, LATAM, UK and Asia.


We design the solution that fits your needs instead of reaching for an off-the-shelf answer. Our approach is the product of our years of experience combined with our expertise building solutions which align our business objectives with yours based a clear understanding of your business from the inside out. An addition of a vendor partner is not an isolated event. It is the beginning of a relationship. We strongly believe our approach lays the groundwork critical to the development of an outstanding relationship.


The 5 Best Health Moves for Decemeber

Between cooking the turkey, decorating the house and buying gifts for loved ones, the holiday season can be a stressful time that leads to poor health choices, whether it’s neglecting exercise or missing out on health care savings. Don’t let holiday stress negatively affect your health and your wallet. Here are five of the best health decisions you can make this December. 1. Contribute to a health savings account 2. Pick a health insurance plan for 2015 3. Spend remaining flexible spending account (FSA) money 4. Reduce stress and exercise regularly 5. Wash your hands often While the holiday season is a time to relax and spend with family, it can also lead to bad habits that can damage your health and your wallet. But by making these five smart health moves, you can finish off the year strong and be in great shape for 2015.More...


Do Employee Wellness Programs Work? Studies Say No…and Yes

A pre-Thanksgiving clash emerged between healthcare experts who believe wellness programs sponsored by employers offer long-term savings and create a healthier workforce, and those who think such programs provide no value whatsoever. Three healthcare consultants wrote on the Health Affairs website Tuesday that wellness programs are money losers, costing employers more than they produce in healthcare savings. More companies are turning to wellness programs, which screen and monitor employees' health, and in some cases, tie health insurance premiums to their behaviors. Employers view them as a way to reduce healthcare expenses and improve workers' health and productivity. But some observers, including the Health Affairs authors, argue that wellness programs aren't achieving their desired results because they are built on a lack of clinical and financial evidence.More...

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