STARTEK Difference

The US Healthcare industry is on the cusp of a new era.

With changing regulatory demands, market dynamics and customer behavior, health systems are facing unprecedented challenges that require payers, providers and suppliers to reorganize their workflow, deliver more value to patients, and reduce costs and complexity.

While the cost of financing and delivering care is expected to increase, the reforms are further escalating administrative and compliance costs, adding pressure to trim operating expenses. Moreover, an aging population and changes in the health system are pushing the demands higher, as Payers compete for new enrollments, and Providers manage increasing patient requirements.

Payers, care providers, supply manufacturers and all businesses in the healthcare ecosystem are therefore expected to offset the shrinking margins by turning to reliable support partners who will deliver process change, and cost arbitrage.

STARTEK Health is focused on helping the Healthcare industry by delivering better business outcomes. With over 27 years of experience in providing business process solutions, we help our clients identify operational inefficiencies, areas of improvements and cost reduction.

Why STARTEK Health


STARTEK is a publicly traded company on the NYSE, stock symbol (SRT). Headquartered in Denver, STARTEK currently has over 11,000 employees. STARTEK provides multiple strategic offerings, which include social media response/monitoring, professional services consulting, customer journey evaluation, retail assessments, mystery shopping, and reporting suites. We offer a variety of core capabilities including voice, chat, email and IVR interactions. In addition, we have 21 contact centers that provide onshore, near shore, and offshore locations. STARTEK Health serves the payer, provider, pharmaceutical and medical device segments within the healthcare industry. STARTEK Health offers a variety of services including nurse triage services, after-hours, remote patient monitoring support and customer and technical support services DME sales, lead generation, revenue management, enrollment, customer care, billing and technical support services. Powered by Ideal Dialog, STARTEK specializes in optimizing the customer experience at the point of conversation between the specialists and customers. Guided by the principles of dialogue, our customer engagement veterans and communication scientists understand the human component of the engagement center better than anyone.


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